SOS Scrub: Oily or Acne Prone Skin

Couxcoux Oil

SOS Scrub: Oily or Acne Prone Skin

A "soap replacement" regime for the body in the shower.

Soap is made of OIL (fat) and LYE: Lye scraps everything off the skin, including the good things, and severely dehydrates skin. Lye may be good for washing up pots and pans but it's not right for your skin.

So ..... SKIP the LYE part right???

Couxcoux Coconut Oil based SOS Blend with organic: sea salt (detox), cane sugar (moisturize), coffee (stimulate & rejuvenate), lemon & lime juice (cleanse), turmeric (detox), and powerhouse essential oils will cleanse, deodorize, exfoliate, moisturize, detoxify, rejuvenate, and nourish skin All In One Step .... while avoiding the harsh lye that's in anything that lathers or foams..

For every area of the body where soap normally goes. Even external private areas. Careful with your feet though. Oil is slippery. Don't fall down.

Apply a pinch to an area of wet skin. Massage out onto a large surface area until mostly dissolved. Rinse lightly and pat dry.

Follow with a light, all over mist, of any Couxcoux Cleanser & Toner to balance pH.

Not for use with severe acne or where open wounds may be located.

Organic compounds naturally occurring in SOS blend: linalool, limonene

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