For Hair: 'No Poux' Shampoo

Couxcoux Oil

For Hair: 'No Poux' Shampoo

Couxcoux Coconut Oil & nahcolite soda with powerhouse organic essential oils promote healthy scalp and hair, reduce build up of chemicals and styling products, and support healthy, naturally occurring oils to minimize the feeling of dryness, irritation and itch. 

Simply shake powder onto very wet scalp and massage in through to ends. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse off.

It is suggested that hair be cleaned no more than twice a week. Daily cleaning, with any product, dehydrates the hair shaft and strips natural oils away from the scalp and hair strand. This dehydration and dryness, over the long term, can stimulate over-secretion of natural oils causing: greasy looking hair only a day after cleaning as well as imbalances in pH and naturally occurring microbes that, in turn, can make the scalp irritated and itchy. 

After using "No Poux": apply Clarify Spray to balance pH and add shine. Then add Couxcoux Conditioner for your hair type if needed.

This product will not lather.

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