Oral Care: Super White

Couxcoux Oil

Oral Care: Super White

It is said that: bentonite clay absorbs toxins, activated charcoal whitens teeth, tumeric and cinnamon reduce bacteria for cavity fighting and bad breath. It's also suggested by some current scientists that adding calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus may assist in remineralizing teeth.

Wet toothbrush with Couxcoux Coconut Oil, organic apple cider vinegar, or water.

Dip wet brush in Super White powder. Brush as normal. Leave in mouth for 1 to 2 minutes. Spit and rinse.

Follow with Coconut Oil pulling:

1 tbsp of coconut oil swished in mouth, twice a day, for at least 2 minutes - spit or swallow


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I am not a doctor but I have spent years informing myself about the dangers of our synthetic world and the symptoms that may occur with toxic exposures.

All my products are: Super Safe, Super Simple, Super Effective all natural to organic alternatives for those who want to, but many who HAVE to, avoid synthetic and toxic substances.









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