Cayman Coconut Shell liquid proof Cup with detached stand

Couxcoux Oil

Cayman Coconut Shell liquid proof Cup with detached stand

A gorgeous Cayman coconut shell perfect for drinks, soup, icecream and other liquids. The cup is sealed with our Couxcoux coconut oil and vegan candelilla wax. The stand is a coconut shell ring that nestles the cup creating a coaster and cup stand.

The inside of the coconut shell is a variety of golds and browns. The outside of the shell is dark brown with gold striations.

The size of natural coconuts varies but most of our pretty coconut shell cups are approximately 4" round x 2" high and will hold about 4oz , 110 grams or nearly 1/2 cup measure.

If you order more than one: please add a note to your order if you'd prefer they match in size (we'll get as close as we possibly can with such an organic product) or if you'd like a variety of sizes.

After each wash please rub coconut oil (or any long lasting, non-rancid oil) inside and outside the cup to keep it moist and in good condition. Hand wash only with gentle soap or no soap.



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