For Hair: Conditioner

Couxcoux Oil

For Hair: Conditioner

Couxcoux Coconut Oil combined with a little Castor Oil and powerhouse organic essential oils hydrate, soften and smooth hair; preventing tangles, frizz and humidity bounce out.

A quick internet search of clary sage and lavender essential oils mentions they can stimulate hair growth, limit sebum production for less oily scalp while still moisturizing the hair shaft, reduce fungus and bacteria preventing flaking and itching on the scalp as well as relieve stress with their wonderful fragrance that can dissuade lice and other pests.

Use as a hydrating pack by leaving on overnight or

for regular use: apply after "No Poux" to wet or dry hair. Leave on or rinse out depending on hair type and preferred style.

For thin, fine hair: apply a small amount to ends only as needed.

For thick, course hair: apply all over - massage and comb through in graduating amounts until preferred style is attained. The amount needed for your hair takes a bit of practice but is worth it in the end for beautiful, healthy, chemical free style.

To de-frizz and define curls: finger comb small amounts through dry hair - fluff, define and repeat if necessary.

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