Couxcoux Oil


Shave, cleanse skin and moisturize in one quick step with this 100% natural shaving lotion. No toxic man-made chemicals, no additives & no preservatives.

For beard, legs, underarms and all parts that may need a razor.

All natural Couxcoux Coconut Oil, organic candelilla wax and powerhouse Organic Essential oils combine for a nice slippery surface and a clean, smooth, soothed, hydrated & fragrant experience.

Apply to wet skin. Shave as normal. No need to wash off. Just wipe or lightly rinse and pat dry.

Coconut Oil will harden on the razor in cold water becoming gluey so: rinse razor with hot tap water. It is said that residual oil on a blade will assist it in maintaining it's sharp edge with no rusting.

No soap, moisturizer, cologne, perfume or aftershave is needed when using SHAVE.

This is an "All In One" 100% natural, great smelling, cleansing and moisturizing product.

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I am not a doctor but I have spent years informing myself about the dangers of our synthetic world and the symptoms that may occur with toxic exposures.

All my products are: Super Safe, Super Simple, Super Effective all natural to organic alternatives for those who want to, but many who HAVE to, avoid synthetic and toxic substances.






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