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Couxcoux Oil creates skin and personal care products using Coconut Oil handmade on Grand Cayman Island with local, all natural coconuts.

Our mission is the reduce toxic body burden by providing natural to organic alternatives for daily skin care routines and personal grooming products. Our products are guaranteed 100% clean, pure and natural, not loaded with harsh, dangerous, toxic, man-made conditioners, preservatives, emulsifies or any other chemicals.

Our Cayman Traditional extraction method uses short term heat to ensure a fantastic all natural oil with the highest possible concentration of antioxidants while maintaining natural nutrients levels.

Coconut trees are naturally resilient and are rarely directly treated with any toxic chemicals. Couxcoux coconuts are soaked in a natural vinegar citrus wash to remove any residue prior to cutting or grating. We can assure an oil that is clean, pure, and natural.

We all try to not waste food and are conscious of environmental issues. Many Cayman Coconuts end up unused. They are taken to the trash via landscape chores or left rotting on the ground.

Couxcoux tries to prevent this waste, with our "We Want Your Nuts" program, by collecting donated coconuts island wide from participating residents and companies. We come to you. Call 516-4444 or 322-7102.


Thank Youx for going Couxcoux Toux.



Your questions and feedback are sooooo very welcome.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

I am not a doctor but I have spent years informing myself about the dangers of our synthetic world and the symptoms that may occur with toxic exposures.

All my products are: Super Safe, Super Simple, Super Effective all natural to organic alternatives for those who want to, but many who HAVE to, avoid synthetic and toxic substances.









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